OSIRIS CBD Relaxing Menstruation

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10 hylki í pakkanum
Samtals 10ml
THC innihald <0.01%

CBD Aroma Care Oil Relaxing Menstruation is a blend of certified organic (CBM) Black Cumin Oil, organic St. John‘s Wort macerate, organic almond oil and organic jojoba combined with high quality, mostly organic, essential oils. These are put together according to the experience of international aroma care, which uses the plant powers for body, mind and soul and is supplemented with a portion of the purest CBD extract, which is extracted from the leaves of the hemp plant. This high quality oil contains <0.01% THC.

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General abdominal pain

Menstrual cramps

Abdominal cramps


A gentle massage on the lower abdominal area not only nourishes the skin, but releases the fragrance of the essential oils, unfolding a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Application: Apply one sachet in the morning and evening, massaging the oil onto the lower abdominal and the solar plexus.

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