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Navy Strength Organic Gin

Navy Strength Organic Gin

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Alcohol content 57,1%
Bottle Size 700ml 


Purity Navy Strength gin has all the hallmarks of a classic London Dry gin, but maximized for a delicious flavor. The base is the award-winning organic vodka (which is essential for any worthy gin), copper-distilled 34-times during 12 hours for extra purity, flavor and smoothness. The strength is then dialed up, and in turn the flavor, packing more punch at 57.1% ABV. Juniper, coriander, lavender, cardamom, angelica root, basil, thyme, lingonberry and European blueberry blend to make any cocktail sing.


Clear notes of thyme and basil along with juniper. Hints of lingonberry and blueberries as well as lavender. 

We discovered that a higher ABV of our Vodka and time devoted to infusing our unique Nordic berries and botanicals yielded more flavor! Lots of it. Our Navy Strength gin is rich and complex, slightly stronger but surprisingly smooth to drink.

Mathias Tönnesson 
Master Blender


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Purity Distillery

Purity Distillery creates world class organic gin and vodka from carefully selected ingredients. The distillery can be found at the 13th century Ellinge castle in southern Sweden.