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Champagne “Brut Nature” Grand Cru 750ml

Champagne “Brut Nature” Grand Cru 750ml

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Þrúga 40% Pinot Noir Grand Cru, 60% Chardonnay Grand Cru
Áfengismagn 12,5%
Flösku stærð 750ml
Vinification in oak barrels 38%
Aging on lees 5 years

The cuvée Brut Nature is characteristically pure and fresh, with a full expression of the terroir.


The first nose conveys an airy freshness supported by a blend of saline notes,
brioche, honey and fresh almond.
An aromatic aftertaste of herbs and aniseed enhances the fleshy mouth.

The finale leaves a lingering tactile and tasty sensation, with hints of a
light salinity.

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